Our Team

Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

Look at that team! We’re pretty proud of our family here at Penney Kia. And why wouldn’t we be? We have assembled one of the best groups of automotive experts in St. John's – and they are all here to serve you! Feel free to contact anyone you see here and test their vehicle knowledge. Or to set up a new or used car test drive, service appointment or other meeting! We believe in putting our full attention to the customer, but we won’t go overboard. And we don’t believe in high-pressure sales!

Want to see your smiling face below? Then you might consider joining the Penney Kia family!

Geoff  Ryan
Geoff Ryan
General Manager

Tracy  Cantwell
Tracy Cantwell

Daphne  Taylor
Daphne Taylor

Katie  McLaughlin
Katie McLaughlin

Craig  Loveless
Craig Loveless
Sales Manager

Megan  Macdougall
Megan Macdougall
Financial Services Manager

Steph  Whelan
Steph Whelan
Financial Services Manager

Josh  Hare
Josh Hare
Financial Services Manager

Keith  Dodge
Keith Dodge
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Adam  Sturge
Adam Sturge
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Wayne  Thornhill
Wayne Thornhill
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Paul  Humphries
Paul Humphries
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Angela  Walsh
Angela Walsh
Sales and Leasing Consultant

Jason  Penney
Jason Penney
Service Manager

Lori  Casell
Lori Casell
Service Advisor

Chris  Snook
Chris Snook
Service Advisor

Brittany  Feltham
Brittany Feltham
Service Advisor

Renée Sweeney
Renée Sweeney
Warranty Administrator

Brenda  Peyton
Brenda Peyton
Appointment Coordinator

Perry  Scott
Perry Scott
Courtesy Driver

Brandon  Feltham
Brandon Feltham

Brandon  Hiscock
Brandon Hiscock

Bryan  O'Reilly
Bryan O'Reilly

Chris  Rowe
Chris Rowe

Colin  Harnum
Colin Harnum

Cory  Harnum
Cory Harnum

David  Mercer
David Mercer

Dave  Saunders
Dave Saunders

Matthew  Harnum
Matthew Harnum

Jason  Harris
Jason Harris

Devan  Knight
Devan Knight

Logan  Snook
Logan Snook

Zach  West
Zach West

Hubert  Hudson
Hubert Hudson
Parts Manager

David  Brazil
David Brazil
Parts Advisor